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Simplify IT Online is a service based, startup company with a mission to help small businesses boost productivity and increase profit. Small business owners are under increasing pressure to remain sustainable and profitable in a volatile economy. On the other hand, software entrepeneurs are creating internet services that open numerous opportunities to the small business owner. These services are known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Effective deployment of SaaS software can help small business become more productive, and more profitable. Simply, we leverage the power of the internet.

Simplify IT Online is based in Victoria,B.C., Canada.

About Simplify IT Online
Robert Volkwyn Profile

Robert Volkwyn is the founder of Simplify IT Online. Rob has 30 years experience in various sectors of the modern economy. These sectors include corporate, small business, retail banking, local government, software development and management consulting. He pioneered the development of municipal land management software, and a GIS toolkit for advanced software developers. He holds an MBA degree, a Chartered Engineer grade with the UK Engineering Council, and is a Chartered IT Professional with BCS, The Chartered Institue for IT.  His book, published in 2016, entitled “The Strategic Value of Information” examines the value information and business intelligence brings to the modern organisation. His full bio can be found here.

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